Ilia Stechkin

Partner | Tel Aviv

Ilia is the marketing and communications professional with a wide range of experience in various fields. His expertise includes the skills of internal and external communications, especially of high-tech companies. As a freelance adviser and project manager specialized in working with IT enterprises, has a vast experience in representing companies at international events such as OpenStack Summit in Sydney (Australia), OpenStack Silicon Valley conference (USA) and IoT Summit in Tel Aviv (Israel). Ilia also held a position of the CMO in Mirantis and s. r. o. Earlier he co-founded the, certified inbound specialist, ICT researcher, member of the global OpenStack community, Forbes contributor and ICO adviser.

In his latest projects he was in charge of conducting the negotiations, collecting teams, managing PR processes together with various texts production. His experience includes media management, creating of the Internet departments and organizing their independent work, business consulting, lecturing and researching in universities and educational centers in Russia, Kenya, Germany, Italy, Armenia and Israel.

Together with business activity of the recent years, he has an academic and research experience which allows him now to successfully establish and maintain UR and GR for the companies he has contracted.



On the top of that, Ilia won a number of new international clients, grants and new contacts for companies he cooperated with. He is a vibrant negotiator and manager, with good skills of international communication, keeping schedules for the company and attracting new clients with his open mind and interest in new technologies.